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About Us

Nature Transformed Art
“Transformational Images From Nature”
Julia L. Wright

    All of my adult life I have explored ways to create art that uniquely expresses a connection with the spirit that dwells within us all and how it relates to the natural world. I have discovered many ways to create art working within various mediums in the past including weavings, knotting, marbling, silk-screen, photography and feathers. I also have created journals and books about subjects that are dear to my heart.

   A few of years ago, I decided I wanted to share my Nature photographs beyond living on my computer, in my books or on Facebook. I also realized that there are thousands of really good nature photographers and I needed to do something different with them.

   For many nights at that time I fell down what I call my “rabbit hole of creativity”.
   I started by isolating an intriguing section of one of my nature photos. Then I would copy it and flip it repeatedly to create a patterned abstract or surrealistic image. Sometimes the colors needed to be adjusted, other times the colors were just perfect for that image.

   My goal with these images is twofold. First, they all celebrate Nature in a unique way. Secondly have them awaken your imagination when you gaze upon the patterned surrealistic images or the realistic Nature images used to emphasize the beauty that surrounds us.

   There are times that I work through many versions using part of the same image, or take a section of the newly created image to create another beginning piece for a new work. Each starting piece represents the beginning of something very new and filled with potential to express another magic-infused nature-based image.

    Ancient artists from many traditions ritually painted repeating patterns for many purposes. I have created a unique style of patterning in my artwork to entertain your eyes and entice you to look deeper and perhaps discover a new way of looking at the world. All of these pictures have images inside of images. Each person who takes the time to explore them will discover different images within them. Your Inner Child may be invoked to come out and play when you approach them in a similar way of looking as when you find identifiable forms in clouds. Talking about what each of you see within the same picture could spark an interesting conversation with friends or family members when looking at the same image printed on a pillow or mug.
   Some of the images have a kaleidoscope aspect. Others have a mandala quality as they formed complex repeated shapes in a circular form. A mandala's purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones. They often are used for focusing attention as an aid to meditation in a way that helps guide individuals to gain wisdom and compassion along their path to enlightenment.

   Often beautiful patterns became evident when working with the texture of a rock or the bark of a tree. Other times fantastic imaginary creatures emerged and  became the focal point of that piece.   During these challenging political times, a few of my images have taken on a political aspect, in an attempt to bring people’s attention to the value of the preserving our environment for future generations to enjoy. At the same time, the most promising change I see happening is making Hemp legal again in all 50 states. This most versatile, Eco-friendly beautiful plant should never have been removed from our farming landscape. Now that it is back, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create sustainable products from this amazing plant.
   I love playing with the abstract images, and I do know there are hundreds of people who take amazing photographs of our beautiful world. So instead of just trying to sell those types of images as wall art, I have also used many of my non-twisted Nature images to create decks of cards for children to play “Concentration” or “Go Fish” with images of wildflowers and things one would see on a hike. And some numbered decks with wildflowers, garden flowers, squirrels and formations in the Garden of the Gods. Plus a couple of image-based “inspirational” decks came into being recently.

   Realizing I could put my images on so many more things than just card decks or show as wall art, inspired me to create this store as a place to gather all these beautiful ideas and images into one place rather than being scattered around the internet on various web sites here and there . . .

   When I first saw the “Morning Glories Welcoming” on a shower curtain . . . I was hooked!
   Then I played with a few images on pillow cases and bed spreads and realized they made pretty powerful, awesome and interesting decorative styles that would resonate with someone who loves color, intriguing arty images that was teamed with a love of Nature and wants to boldly decorate their homes.

   Then the idea of placing them on mugs, to encourage people who believe it is more Eco-friendly to use a mug than a styrofoam cup can have one that shares their bold expression of ideas or love of Nature resonated with me also.

   My vision for many of these images is that when a person takes the time to focus on them and allows their imagination to roam about the forms they discover positive energies created by this unique view of our natural environment that can send them on a magical journey for their mind to begin thinking in new ways to appreciate this planet they live upon.

   So join me in exploring how my twisted or perfectly natural art images look on pillow cases, shower curtains, mugs, yoga mats, towels, phone cases, tote bags, t-shirts and much more.

   Then when one fits your vision of home decor or how you dress, purchase it to show the world how you appreciate Nature expressed in an artful way.


As a Side Note:

This store is just a sampling of images I have created and what types of items they can have them placed upon. I would invite you to visit my Gallery in Fine Art America where more options exist. This link: will take you there.

If a book is out-of-stock here, they all exist on Amazon when you search for them under my “HieroGraphics Books” brand and can be printed upon demand when ordered there.